For a fresher, fuller, younger skin

A special form of MESOTHERAPY

Nature pure you could say! The first step is preparing the skin to take the carbon cream. After the application of the cream a special laser is used to introduce the powder, respectively the minerals, from the carbon into the skin. This encourages the skin cell regeneration, improves the circulation and improves and balances the metabolism of the skin. This results in a smoother, fuller skin surface, improved moisture and assists in reducing smaller wrinkles in the skin. Treat your skin to this fantastic treatment, anyone who wishes to pamper their skin should get to know this exclusive Mesotherapy method.

Duration of the treatment ca. 70 Minutes

Price for Laser-Carbon-Mesotherapy                                                           Fr. 380.–

Plant Stem cell Therapy as an additional booster

Dull, tired skin, sun damaged skin, redness, uneven pigmentation, birth marks, moles and many other complaints! Here the “Beauty cocktail” from SWISSCODE as an addition to the Carbon Therapy will assist in improving results. For the relevant skin problem we will choose the suitable plant Stem cell elixir for your problem. The results will amaze you!

These substances are „lasered“ into the skin at the same time as the Carbon.

Price in addition to Laser-Carbon-Therapy                                                 Fr. 175.–