Cellulite treatment with Endermologie®

 Cellulite treatment with Endermologie®

The first scientifically proven method to combat loose or orange peel skin is called Endermologie®.

Using LPG-Technology the connective tissue is targeted. The vascular system is energized for new production and the cellular metabolism is activated. The whole tissue structure is tightened and the cellulite effectively reduced. The treatment is very pleasant.

Fluid blockages are removed and the cellular waste products can be cleared. The tissue undergoes a transformation and the skin appears from underneath up to the surface fine and smooth.

To maintain a taughter and smoother skin regular treatments are required. After an intensive therapy (8 – 10 sessions inside 2 months) it is recommended to continue with 1 session per month.


A special suit must be worn fort he treatments

Price of the suit Fr. 80.- (non-recurring)

Treatment Price Fr. 140.– / Session

Subscription with
10 Sessions Fr. 1’200.–
15 Treatments Fr. 1’700.–
20 Treatments Fr. 2’200.–