Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic begins where body care and hygiene finish and is always an admittal to some ideal of beauty and goes hand in hand with fashions which different cultures experience through the ages. The ideal of beauty varies from race to race as well as cultures according to the styles of the time but also according to gender, religion, climate and other influences.

The term „Cosmetic“ comes from the Greek word „Kosmeo“ and means to „decorate or adorn“.

The term „Hygiene“ is traceable back to the Greek God of health „Hygieia“; The term „Perfume“ comes from the Latin „per fumum“ meaning „through smoke“. Until the 20th century the use of cosmetics for care and decoration remained a privilidge of the rich and wealthy. The history of cosmetics goes back many years, perhaps as long as mankind itself.

The Egyptian women (4000-300 B.C.) were prime examples of caring for their bodies. Baths, massages, perfumed oils, ointments, make-up etc. all belonged to their daily care ritual.

Today the trend is towards natural beauty. Both men and women place great value in a refined appearance and a sporting, slim body form. The methods and propositions in the world of cosmetic treatments are almost limitless and for the consumer it is difficult to have an overview of all the options. Good and informative advice from experienced professionals is therefore extremely important. In a personal discussion your wishes and your desires can be ascertained and we can show you the best possible treatment methods. You then choose the program that best fits – this way we can realise your goals and desires together.