Permanent hair removal with “White Diamond in Motion”

We offer a fast, safe and gentle method for the permanent removal of unwanted hair. Our “White Diamond in Motion”, the latest generation of laser hair removal technology, removes all of the irritating and unwanted hair from body or face without damaging the skin. “In Motion” refers to the fact that with this technique the laser head glides smoothly over the treatment area. A steady stream of laser light impulses is directed into the skin, unlike previous methods which employed a “shot by shot” system. This method is far quicker, less painful and requires fewer repeat treatments than before. We require only 4-6 applications (previously 6-9) at 3-4 week intervals.



Treatment zones


Nature of visit

Healing time

Work incapacity

Sport incapacity

Side effects

None necessary

Any area of the body where unwanted hair needs to be removed

4 to 6 sessions

15 – 45 minutes depending upon the region and size

After 8 – 12 days the treated hair falls out



Possibility of slight skin redness or irritation that will go after a few hours