Pore reduction

For a youthful look and a new feeling for your skin

SR is the abbreviation for Skin Rejuvenation or skin care and renewal. The White Diamond SR-Laser-System enables us to treat all skin types.

Marks, visible veins, skin redness, enlarged pores, small wrinkles and crinkles etc. can all be treated. At the same time your skin will be tightened.

During the treatment you may feel a light nip or pinching. Afterwards the treated area will suffer some light swelling. There may also be some reddening of the skin. A light itching or tingling is normal as your body responds and actively creates collagen.

With a simple skin tighteneing and wrinkle treatment the procedure may be repeated after 2 weeks. For skin markings or skin with Couperose it is recommended to wait 4 weeks between treatments. Generally 1-4 treatments will be sufficient to achieve the desired results depending upon the initial indications.

What results can you expect?
You can look forward to a youthful, redness free almost flawless skin. Your skin will appear healthy, fresh and young once more. The pores smaller, skin inconsistencies disappear and small wrinkles will be smoothed. What more could you wish for ?