Power Dental-Bleaching

White teeth in 60 Minutes for her and him

In our practice we offer Power Bleaching – BriteSmile® for teeth whitening in 60 to 90 Minutes. The most widely used procedure in the USA and Europe and also the safest.
Before a bleaching treatment it is important that the teeth are free from tartar and are thoroughly cleaned. The tartar should be removed a maximum of 1 month in advance to ensure an even result. Gums and soft flesh of the mouth and lips are protected through the use of a special material. After this application the bleaching-gel is spread on the teeth and the BriteSmile® Lamp is placed directly in front of your mouth. For 15 Minutes intensive Plasma light will do its work on your teeth. This procedure is repeated according to your whitening wishes up to 4 times. The complete treatment can take between 60 and 90 minutes. Following the treatment your teeth are cared for using a special tooth protecting gel.
How effective is the procedure
It is a very effective bleaching procedure with results lasting between 2-5 years. BriteSmile®-Bleaching is clinically tested and proven to be non-harmful. A Power-Bleaching remains visible with good care for 2-5 years.

Are all teeth suitable for bleaching?
Only natural teeth can be whitened. Foreign materials, as long as they are smaller composite fillings normally adapt well with the colour.

Side effects
After the bleaching, food and drink which can cause discolouration of the teeth (e.g. beetroot, berries, red wine, coffee, black tea, curry etc.) should be avoided for the first 24 hours as the colours may be transferred to the freshly whitened teeth. You should also avoid smoking during this period.
Because the tooth enamel is somewhat roughened there can be some hypersensitivity of the teeth and their surroundings for a number of hours following the treatment. After 24 hours the teeth will be remineralized through absorption from the saliva and will feel as smooth and strong as ever.




Simple White Lightening 1 – 3 Shades

Super White Lightening 3 – 6 Shades

Brilliant White Lightening 6 – 9 Shades

Fr. 180.–

Fr. 320.–

Fr. 490.–