Stretch marks / Stria

The connecting tissue in the dermis which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin consists of a network of collagen fibers. If this tissue is over stretched it will lead to irreparable tears under the skins surface which may lead to visible blueish reddish stripes. With time the colouring fades but the scarring remains visible. Sadly these stripes (stretch marks) cannot be removed through the use of creams or other treatments. How you can reduce the visible effects of these we describe below.

Stretch marks may be caused by

  • Growth
  • Over weight
  • Pregnancy
  • Medicines
  • Sport
  • Hormone therapy

The treatment of stretch marks is difficult as it consists of scarred tissue which glows through the skin. Risen or swollen scarring can be flattened. Scarring under the skin can only be treated by a method that will change the colour of the scarring to that of the skin so that the scar is less visible and the overall look is more harmonic.

For risen or swollen scarring we recommend treatment with the laser.

For scarring of the dermis MicroNeedling is the most efficient form of treatment. Through the use of MicroNeedling more collagen, elastane and hyaluronic acid are produced. The result of which is that the connecting tissues become more elastic and firmer. The existing scarring won’t disappear but the skin will have a new healthy structure that will make the scars lying beneath much more difficult to see.



Work incapacity



MicroNeedling 4 x sessions in the practice followed by treatment at home under supervision of the doctor


To achieve optimal results a longer treatment will be required (1 – 2 years)

Practice treatments 4 sessions Fr. 1’000.-
Home-Needling Costs per usage