Sweat gland suction / Tumeszenz-Method

Sweating is used to control our body temperature and is a part of every healthy body. Excessive sweating, known as Hyperhidrosis is however very unpleasant. Depending upon the nature of the problem and the wishes of the client we can surgically remove the underarm sweat glands using micro cannula. The success of the operation is immediately visible; the removed sweat glands are not renewed. The 4 – 6 mm long cuts (2 per underarm) heal quickly and are then barely visible. There are no functional impairments after the operation.




Nature of visit

Healing time

Work incapacity

Sport incapacity



Price for both

Tumeszenz Local anesthetic

1 Hour

Around 2 hours

3 – 6 weeks

3 days, depending on job

On doctors advice

In certain cases a second operation will be required after 3 months. In exceptional circumstances permanent sweat glands can reappear


Fr. 2’600.–