Sweating general & Hyperhidrosis

Anti-social or unpleasant sweating is not incurable…

Why do we sweat?
At high external temperatures as well as during physical activity our bodies try to give off additional energy through sweating. So that our body temperature remains at a constant 37°C and not higher, 3 million sweat glands work to exude sweat. The regulation of sweat production is taken care of by an autonomous nervous system. The term „Hyperhidrosis“ is used for excessive sweating over and above the norm from different areas of the skin. The treatment of Hyperhidrosis should be left in the hands of a doctor who is well versed in the specifics of this problem. Who will identify the causes and then offer the most suitable form of treatment.

Possible methods of treatment are:
– Sweat blocking substances
– Medicine for systematic treatment
– Iontophoresis
– Botulinum treatment

Hyper-hidrosis / Sweat gland treatment

Botulinum is a naturally occurring bacterial protein whose effects stem from blocking certain nerve impulses. When injected into the correct location in the skin it enters the sweat gland to target and block the nerve impulses.

Sweat test
Before the first treatment we will conduct a sweat test. This allows us to discover where your sweat glands are overactive and produce excess sweat.

How is Botulinum injected?
Botulinum is initially diluted with a special solution. The area to be treated is sub-divided into about 10 areas of equal size and the solution is injected under the skin with a thin needle. The effects last 4 – 6 months and then the effectiveness will begin to fade so that a repeat treatment will be necessary after 8 – 10 months.

Side effects
Apart from the pain of the injection there may be some bruising or red marks at the points where the solution is injected.

Was kann behandelt werden?

1. Under arms           2. Hands            3. Feet